Hello and thanks for dropping by. My name is Mahabaleshwar Hegde. I’m a Software Programmer from India, currently living in Staines, UK. This is my online home…welcome!

I use this space to make note of technical concepts and random code snippets I come across in my day to day work, primarily from a future self reference point of view. I post my views on other random topics as well from time to time. Below are the last five posts on the blog. You may checkout the archive for the full list.

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Mahabaleshwar Hegde

All opinions expressed here are personal views of the author and do not represent the views of, or endorsed by, organizations I work with.

Secondly, English is my second language, my mother tongue being Kannada. I have put my best effort to check the correctness of language and spelling/grammer but unfortunately there may still be mistakes. My sincerest apologies if any part of the text in any post is incorrectly worded. If you come across any such mistakes or feel any part of the posts is inappropriate, request you to please email me so that I can review and reword if necessary.